Following In Their Footsteps

Historical Hikes of the Northern Front Range

Discover why and how our best-loved trails were built. Learn about the back-breaking labor involved in creating our most-loved trails in the northern Front Range, and the stories of the people who made them, their love for the outdoors, their pursuit of wealth, their dreams, and their failures. Filled with tales of murder, innovative ideas, and daring deeds, Following In Their Footsteps will give you new appreciation for the trails you love, and new ideas for trails to explore.

With Then & Now Photos and Maps

Publisher: Perigo Press
Reviews:Carol Taylor on Boulder Daily Camera wrote:

Mountain mavens Kay Turnbaugh and Lee Tillotson published a new book this year, “Following in Their Footsteps: Historical Hikes of the Northern Front Range.” Journalist, historian and author Turnbaugh and author, longtime physical education teacher and Nordic skiing instructor Tillotson created the Snowshoe History Tour map and interpretive signage at Eldora Mountain Resort in 2012. They continue to be curious and enthusiastic about digging up the stories from the mountain towns and mining camps west of Boulder. Their latest book includes details of hikes at Caribou, the Switzerland Trail, the Arapaho Glacier, Lost Lake and Chautauqua. Solid background text accompanied by a well-curated collection of historical images, maps and current photographs come together to make a lovely addition to any local history bookshelf.