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Thursday, March 2: Book Club Meets Science Cafe @ 7pm; T.C. Boyle’s When the Killing’s Done

Now offering Makerspace events for elementary and middle/high school students on the second Monday and Wednesday of each month![/vcex_teaser]

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To Place A Hold: Log into your account, search for the item you want to put on hold, click on the Hold button.

To Renew: You may keep books, magazines, and audiobooks for three weeks. You can renew the books and audiobooks one time, as long as they are not overdue or on hold/reserve for another patron. We offer in-person or phone renewals at 303-258-1101. You can also renew your materials through your account in our web site (log into your account). Renewals will allow you an additional 3 weeks.

To Manage Your Account: Log into your account from the Library’s website, click on the blue Account button on the top of the page, or click on the Yellow Account icon on the left side of the page. From here you can see your Checked Out Titles, Items on Hold, Reading History, and more.

A library card is free to all residents of the Nederland mountain area who are over 5 years of age.

To obtain a library card, register in person at the Nederland Community Library circulation desk. Cards are issued to individuals who complete the current application form with a local mailing and physical address, telephone number and email address. Proof of mailing address and a photo ID must be presented. Patron information is confidential.

Patrons must sign an agreement that they will abide by Library policies and rules regarding Internet access. A parent or legal guardian must also sign this agreement for minors ages 5 to 18.

Patrons are expected to behave with respect for other Library patrons and in accord with Library policies and rules. Inappropriate behavior may result in loss of the library card.

To book the community room you need to submit a meeting room application.

When you sign that application you are agreeing to our meeting room policy and our library rules of conduct.

Please e-mail Jay Mann to reserve the community room.

[vcex_teaser style=”two” heading=”ONLINE RESOURCE” img_size=”full” image=”3599″ heading_color=”#dd3333″ url=”|||”]Find a New Career or Hobby makes it easy to find a new career or hobby in music, IT, graphic design, web design… Learning paths[/vcex_teaser][vcex_teaser style=”two” heading=”ONLINE RESOURCE” img_size=”full” image=”3600″ heading_color=”#dd3333″]Learn a New Language

Learn a new language with Mango! Here’s a tutorial[/vcex_teaser][vcex_teaser style=”two” heading=”ART AT THE LIBRARY” img_size=”full” heading_color=”#dd3333″ image=”3593″]Support for Local Artists

More information about our latest art exhibit[/vcex_teaser]

[vcex_teaser style=”two” heading=”YOUTH SERVICES” img_size=”large” image=”3589″ heading_color=”#dd3333″]Stories, songs, music, dancing, crafts, and more

Bring your little one(s) to Storytime[/vcex_teaser][vcex_teaser style=”two” heading=”ABOUT US” img_align=”center” img_size=”full” image=”3573″ heading_color=”#dd3333″]Find Out More

Policies and Procedures

Board of Trustees and Meeting Minutes

Nederland Community Library Foundation[/vcex_teaser]

[vcex_teaser style=”two” heading=”ONLINE RESOURCE” img_align=”center” img_size=”full” image=”3633″ heading_color=”#dd3333″ url=”|||”]Overdrive

eBooks and more. For help using OverDrive, click here or call the Nederland Community Library.[/vcex_teaser][vcex_teaser style=”two” heading=”YOUTH SERVICES” img_align=”center” img_size=”full” heading_color=”#dd3333″ image=”3591″]1000 Books and Early Literacy

Are you and your little one(s) avid readers? Check out our “1000 Books Before Kindergarten” program![/vcex_teaser]

[vcex_teaser style=”two” heading=”YOUTH SERVICES” img_align=”center” img_size=”full” image=”3644″ heading_color=”#dd3333″]Homework Help

Need help with your homework? Check out these resources.[/vcex_teaser][vcex_teaser style=”two” heading=”TECHNOLOGY” img_align=”center” img_size=”thumbnail” heading_color=”#dd3333″ image=”3560″]Makerspace

Now offering Makerspace events for elementary and middle/high school students on the second Monday and Wednesday of each month! More info here.[/vcex_teaser]